Steps to diagnose and fix common configuration and browser issues.

Loading Screen Stuck and Not Loading

You could have an outdated cache, cookie or version. If it keeps spinning. Try a hard refresh or try to load the checkout or control panel from an incognito window.

Blank / Empty Control Panel / No Servers Showing:

⚠️ONLY SERVER OWNERS AND ADMINS CAN USE THIS BOT. ⚠️ If the server you are expecting is not showing up in you MUST try to log in from an INCOGNITO WINDOW. The most likely reason is:

  • YOU ARE NO LONGER LOGGED IN. Go here: and reauthorize.

  • You are not logged into your Discord that owns the server via the browser.

  • You are logged into an account that doesn't own the server.

  • You don't have any roles in the server (which you need for the bot to see).

  • You have cookies disabled

  • You have Javascript disabled

  • You have a privacy broswer that is blocking key components.

Try logging into the control panel from an incognito browser window on Chrome or Firefox.

Admin or Moderator can't see or edit settings

Admins CAN edit and manage the bot. You must make sure this person is ACTUALLY an ADMIN in Discord in order to see or edit settings in the control panel. The role they have MUST have ADMINISTRATOR permissions with their role in your server:

If you want an admin to see transactions in your Stripe account, you must add them as a user to your stripe account. (Not an admin, a user.)

The bot responds in every channel? Does it need to be administrator?

You control access to the channels, you can prevent the bot from speaking in certain channels by removing admin privileges from the bot but allow it to send messages, links, add, remove, ban, and send embeds, then prevent it from talking / seeing the channel that you don't want it to talk in. This involves you setting Discord perms. We do not guarantee that the bot will function correctly since we add new features all the time that may require different permissions.

How do I reorder roles for sale?

Roles are ordered from HIGHEST PRICE TO LOWEST PRICE. This cannot be changed.

There are duplicate roles in checkout / commands?

Please log back into the control panel with the server owner from an incognito window and then check again. The control panel syncs with your server once you log in.

User logged in / paid with the wrong Discord account, what can I do?

Unfortunately, only the account that was logged in will be able to be given the role. The only way to solve this is to refund them and have them pay with the correct logged in account.


What if someone leaves and rejoins?

The bot will attempt to remove the role if they have it again at the end of the billing cycle. They will not be given the role back when they rejoin, this must be done manually but removal is automatic.

An error has occurred and you have not been charged?

Something is wrong with the card number, user's location, CVV number, card exp date or another card issue. Check the transaction in Stripe. Go into the card details as to why it was declined. This doesn't have anything to do with Upgrade.Chat other than we are returning an error message because the card was not able to be processed.

Error Getting Roles. Check your Permissions.

This can be caused by two reasons: 1) You need to try to invite the bot from an incognito window to make sure your cache / cookies are cleared. 2) You need to grant the bot the proper permissions as outlined in