Upgrade.chat FAQs

The Discord bot that is a Verified PayPal & Stripe Partner. Please read ALL the FAQ docs before asking questions in the help server. By using Upgrade.chat you agree to the Terms & Acceptable Use.

What is Upgrade.chat?

Upgrade.chat is a Discord bot that allows you to turn your discord server into a business. Sell roles, Accept Donations, Free Trials, Coupons, Referrals, Dashboard tracking and more. The only bot that is trusted and verified by payment processors. THE VERIFED PARTNER SERVICE OF PAYPAL, VENMO AND STRIPE! https://stripe.com/partners/upgrade-chat The bot allows server owners and server admins to sell roles, accept donations, sell access or digital / physical products direct from your Discord chat server. You can lock channels and sell roles to access those channels. The bot automatically manages subscriptions, coupons, roles, access, referrals, payments and more. If someone doesn't pay, their access is removed.

Access is automatically granted when customers pay and access is revoked when customers stop paying or dispute a transaction. This applies on all platforms.

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