Self Service Portal / Profile

Upgrade.Chat Customers can manage their own subscriptions by using the Self Service Portal. (THIS REQUIRES THE SERVER OWNER TO SETUP)

The self service portal is where your customers can go to update their subscriptions without having to be in your server or type commands. This allows them to:

  • Update / Change Their Billing / Payment Methods

  • View Current Subscriptions

  • Manage Their Subscriptions

  • View which servers they are paying in

  • View which roles they have

  • Cancel select subscriptions

  • See when their subscriptions are ending

For Servers that use PayPal: NO SETUP REQUIRED

For Servers that use Stripe you MUST enable and setup the portal:

For STRIPE Billing Portal Setup, you MUST MATCH these settings:

If you enabled Update Subscriptions in the Stripe Billing portal and a customer changes subscriptions, we are not able help you or your customers. You will need to MANUALLY DOWNGRADE them. Their subscriptions will not be tracked. They will not be automatically be removed. DO NOT ENABLE UPDATE SUBSCRIPTIONS!

Upgrade.Chat Self Service Portal / Profile

When a user clicks manage it will take them to PayPal or Stripe depending on how they paid for their subscription for that role.

PayPal Profile Management

Stripe Profile Management

Stripe Management Portal Branding is Customizable to your server:

You must enter your own terms of service for the portal. This must be filled in.

THIS MUST be your own website, a link just to a terms of service, or a document somewhere online that hosts your terms of service. This is not OUR terms of service, this is for your own terms and it needs to reflect that in the stripe settings or it might effect your account.

Canceling / Revoking Member's Access

You can cancel or revoke a customer's access in your customer dashboard.

You can also set to cancel at the end of the billing cycle.

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