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How to search all of your PayPal and Stripe customers in your dashboard and how to navigate orders to find exactly what you are looking for.

Locating Customers

In the customer's tab: Search for the customer you are looking for by their Email, Username or DiscordID
You can find out how to get the Discord userID by following these directions:​
Click the download arrow to download a list of your customers. (This will download the current view filter)

Locating Orders

Click your Orders Tab:​
The orders tab has the same search filters as the customer's individual breakdown has. This allows you to find orders by various different filters.

Search Filters

Order Status
Order Type
Billing Type
Date Range
This allows you to search by the different Upgrades you have for sale.
This allows you to search by the way the user paid: -PayPal -Stripe -Free Trial
Active: These are customers who have an active or lifetime subscription Canceling: These are customers who still have access but are in the processing of cancelling at the end of the billing cycle. Cancelled: These are no longer customers and are no longer paying.
Upgrades: These are items for sale that include Bonuses (Such as Discord Roles, MailChimp Newsletters, etc) Shop Items: These are people who purchased digital goods from your shop. (Not associated with any Bonus)
Subscription: These are recurring payments to your service One Time: These are lifetime access purchases unless you manually remove the customer's access.
This allows you to search by the different Coupons you have on your service. This will let you sort by which users paid with certain coupons.
You can select the date range from when different users purchased.

Understanding Terminology:


Finding IDs

You can find out how to get the Discord userID by following these directions: You can also find this in your dashboard by searching by the customer's email and then clicking on the "Copy ID" link to get their chat service ID.
Reset Filters Button & Download Current View Button: