General Questions

General Upgrade.Chat FAQ Questions answered. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us and we will add the question once we help you.

What countries is Upgrade.Chat available in?

Full List of PayPal Countries Upgrade.Chat Supports
Full List of STRIPE Countries Upgrade.Chat Supports

What are the subscription statuses?

ACTIVE: This subscription is actively billing with no status of cancelling. CANCELLING: This subscription will be cancelled at the end of the billing cycle. (No more debits) CANCELLED: This subscription has already been cancelled. (No more debits)

Where can I see my payments that people made?

If you are using stripe for debit cards and credit cards: If you are using PayPal for PayPal and Venmo charges:

When will I get the money in my account?

Money is deposited into your PayPal / Stripe account as soon as the customer pays.

Getting the money from PayPal/Venmo/Stripe into your bank account is dependant on YOUR OWN SETTINGS FOR YOUR ACCOUNT. Upgrade.Chat has nothing to do with your payment account settings. There may be a hold on your payment account for any number of reasons. Please contact your payment provider to discuss your account and why you have not recieved the funds.

Contact PayPal: Contact Stripe:

How can I make test payments to myself?

For PayPal, you must use a DIFFERENT PAYPAL to test the service. (NOTE: You must not already have the role you are purchasing)

For Stripe for debit cards and credit cards you can use your own account and credit card to test the service. (NOTE: You must not already have the role you are purchasing)

How do I cancel active subscriptions manually?

FOR PAYPAL: Search by userID and filter by due date to find their next invoice, you can click the cancel button on the right to cancel further billing.

FOR STRIPE: Search by userID in Subscriptions: Find the user and click cancel subscription:

Are subscriptions Automatic?

Yes, they will automatically be billed if you set the role as a subscription and then save the role for sale. However, if you have other settings enabled that change this, then it will not be automatic.

When do subscriptions process?

If a subscription charges monthly, it will charge on the same day every month.

  • If someone purchased on the 3rd, it will always process on the 3rd.

  • If someone purchased on the 31st, it will process on the last day of every month, whatever day that is.

Can a user switch payment methods from PayPal to Stripe or Stripe to PayPal?

No. They are two different account types and two different processors. Since the payment was made directly to that account type, the only way to switch this would be to have the user downgrade and then upgrade again with the new payment method.

Can I migrate subscriptions I already have from one PayPal/Stripe account to another? Another bot?

There are two ways to do this:

The $TransferUpgrade command is only valid if your subscriptions are already with Upgrade.Chat and you want to move the subscription to another user. You can move one subscription from a user to another. Users can transfer their own subscriptions with $TransferMyUpgrade PLEASE SEE OUR COMMANDS TO UNDERSTAND HOW THESE WORK:

Can I set a Terms of Service for my chat room?

Yes, in the you can set your terms of service. It will show up when the customers go to checkout on your checkout page.

What happens if I kick Upgrade.Chat?

-You will have to manually manage all your subscriptions. -You will have to manually check who disputed your transactions, find the user and kick them. -You will have to manually payout referrals (if you have that feature enabled) -Automatic Role Removal WILL NOT WORK. -Referrals will no longer work and people will not be rewarded.

Unable to purchase or the purchase was given to another account on Discord?

Try again from an incognito window to make sure you are logged into the right account. If it's a new account make sure to verify your email.


If you need to transfer a subscription, please see the transfer command:

Discord Commands

Can I use Upgrade.Chat on my Website? YES!

In your discord server type: $upgrade and generate a checkout link. The link will look like this: <- The last part is your serverID number.

Because all checkout links are now server dependent instead of user dependent, you can use these links anywhere and people can purchase a role from anywhere; Your Website, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Email, Message Boards, Other Chat Services... Pretty much anywhere that you can think of. They do not need to be in your chatroom to purchase. They will be invited after checkout.

Users will be invited to your chatroom and given the role after checkout. CUSTOMERS DO NOT NEED TO BE IN YOUR CHATROOM TO PURCHASE!

The bot responds in every channel?

You control access to the channels, you can prevent the bot from speaking in certain channels by removing admin privileges from the bot but allow it to send messages, links, add, remove, ban, and send embeds, then prevent it from talking / seeing the channel that you don't want it to talk in. This involves you setting Discord perms. We do not guarantee that the bot will function correctly since we add new features all the time that may require different permissions.

How do I reorder upgrades for sale?


Can I transfer / migrate to a new server?

Unfortunately, there is no way to migrate users between servers. You can switch PayPal accounts, and everything will continue to bill as normal. Stripe accounts also cannot be transferred.

Can people purchase different roles to increase the length of their subscription?

Each role purchased is a new product / subscription. Therefore, no matter what role someone purchases, they are not able to increase the length of time on an existing subscription.

What is the minimum amount I can sell a product / role for?

$1.00 USD. (Payment Processors won't allow below this so we set it as our default)

Do you offer 3D Secure Payments.


Since we use the latest checkout from PayPal and Stripe, all payment method types are 3D secured upon checkout.

The bot is not online / someone didn't get a role and everything was working normally not too long ago? What could be the problem?

If the bot is offline, please check and before contacting support. If Discord is having issues, there is nothing we can do. The bot will try to give the role again the following day.

If I change the role price, will it change for existing members?

No it will not. "Grandfathered" members will keep the same rate they have been paying.

Only new members and subscriptions will be affected by a price change UNLESS YOU CLICK UPDATE THE PRICE OF EXISTING SUBSCRIPTIONS!

Updating existing subscriptions will cause the price to be increased when they RENEW for the NEXT billing cycle. This will not change the current billing cycle amount.

This change can take up to a few minutes. Please do not click again.

DISCLAIMER: There may be legal restrictions in regard to you using retroactive price adjustments. Please check your local and country laws in regard to the notices you must give about the price changes before proceeding. Upgrade.Chat does not control or manage the payments between your customer and your merchant account. Doing retroactive price changes improperly could also cause issues with your merchant account at the payment processor. (PayPal, Stripe, Etc) Use this feature at your own risk. See our Terms of Service.

I removed an Upgrade for sale, what happens to users who are already on that subscription?

Users who are already on a subscription will not be affected. New users will not be able to purchase. Exiting users will keep the same price and be "grandfathered" in. There is no way to make the Upgrade invisible.

What happens if my chatroom gets deleted?

The following will happen:

  • You will not have access to your subscription data within the Upgrade.Chat Control Panel

  • All existing subscriptions will continue to be billed unless the customer cancels by going to their Upgrade.Chat Profile to cancel:

  • There is no way to recover / transfer over subscriptions

Can I get emails when someone pays?

Yes. You can turn on email notifications for many different events.

To set it in PayPal: To set it in Stripe:

Does Upgrade.Chat Provide Tax Receipts or Invoices?

NO. Let us explain... Upgrade.Chat does not bill you. You are not paying Upgrade.Chat, the payment processor is. All your tax documents are with them. PayPal or Stripe. When the payment processor takes the payment for the fee. You can find our fee on every customer invoice available to you in your payment processor account on PayPal or Stripe. In relation to the above image describing the payment flow, the billing agreement is between you and your customer. They pay the processor in care of your account, the processor then issues all the fees (including the Upgrade.Chat Fee) to the appropriate parties. The only party paying Upgrade.Chat is the processor for transaction fees.

Can I change the bot's name or picture in my server?

Yes. You can change the name by simply changing the bot's nickname in your server. No. You cannot change the bot's icon because Discord doesn't allow that for any bots.

I am under 18, can I still have an account and use Upgrade.Chat?

PayPal. NO.

Stripe. YES.


Can I remove the Upgrade.Chat invite after checkout?

Yes! Please upgrade to Upgrade.Chat Pro:


User wasn't given the role but they paid?

There can be several reasons for this:

  • The user was not the same user logged into the browser when the role was purchased. (Check your Dashboards account and make sure the username matches the user that upgraded) A lot of people have alternate accounts.

  • The bot does not have the proper permissions to give the role or the role for sale is above Upgrade.Chat

  • The bot was not online at the time. Stripe was down or Discord was down.

What happens if the Bot / Chat Service / Payment Processor is offline when someone is supposed to be charged?

PayPal and Stripe both repeatedly send us messages about the status of subscriptions and send them until we successfully respond back to them saying that we handled it. Even if we were to go offline for several days due to a Chat Platform outage or any other extreme event, we would process everything as soon as we were back online.

What happens if I issue a Refund?

When you refund a member the following things will happen:

  • They will not lose their role unless you cancel their subscription.

  • They will be billed again next cycle unless you cancel the subscription.

  • If you cancel their subscription and they purchased a duplicate role, the role WILL be removed regardless if they have an active subscription. Manually reassign the role to fix this.

Can I change the currency from USD?

Yes, please be sure to check out our feature here:

Currency Selector

How does the checkout flow for customers work?

"Someone" Upgraded?

If you are seeing this notification, this means that a person who doesn't have a chat service account such as Discord or Telegram. You can turn this off in your settings by turning on require authentication.

In order for "Someone" to claim their role, they need to go to their profile and click claim.

Are there discounts for PayPal and Stripe fees?

Both Stripe and PayPal offer a discounted payment processing rate for registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

To apply with PayPal, visit their nonprofit center.

To apply with Stripe, email with the information found here.

Can someone use a coupon if they already paid?

Similar to almost every other store, once someone pays, they cannot retroactively use a coupon. If you use Stripe, you can manually apply the coupon code to their profile. If you use PayPal, you would need to have them unsubscribe and re-subscribe.

Can I use your logo on my website or social media?

Yes. As long as you are currently using Upgrade.Chat as a merchant and do not modify the logo in any way. You may not edit the color or orientation of the logo.

Will my name and email show on a buyer's invoice?

Yes. This depends on your country and which payment provider you use. If you use a business account, your business account information will show up on the invoice.

How do the rates compare between PayPal, Venmo and Stripe?

VENMO Transaction Fees: PayPal Merchant Fees: PayPal General Fees: Stripe Fees:

Deleting Merchant and Customer Accounts

Merchant and customer accounts are automatically deleted after some time of inactivity. Please do not contact support about deleting your accounts. They are automatically deleted if there has been no activity on them.

My Chatroom / Admin Account Was Deleted!

If your Discord / Telegram / Chatroom or only admin account was deleted, Upgrade.Chat is not able to assist you because this is something that was a result of the third party service you used to host your chatroom. This is why we recommend signing up with Upgrade.Chat directly via email and THEN connecting your chatroom account. Unfortunately, we are not able to assist non-admin accounts that open support tickets due to potential phishing, fraud and / or scam activities.


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