Everything you need to know about Upgrade.Chat + PayPal troubleshooting. Please review all these documents to fix your issue before opening a support ticket.

Error Code Lookup:

Click here to see what the error code you are receiving means. This is a PayPal issue or issue with your account / your customer's account.

Do not open an Upgrade.Chat Ticket about PayPal error codes because this is something that only PayPal support can help with.

Error Codes

Unable to Process Your Selected Payment Method. Error 422.

This is a response from PayPal which is PAYEE_ACCOUNT_RESTRICTED which means that you need to contact PayPal as they might have restricted your account or your need to provide further verification. This has nothing to do with Upgrade.Chat and is 100% something you need to contact PayPal about.

Unable to Pay using your own PayPal Account?

This is not possible. PayPal does not allow you to pay your own account (even for testing purposes). You MUST use a different account than the one you have linked to your server.

Unable to Setup Preapproved Payment Method?

This is an issue with your customer's payment method or account. You or your customer may need to contact PayPal in order to get the issue resolved.

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