Loyalty / Tiered Upgrades

Reward members for staying subscribed longer to your service by giving them additional roles for more billing cycles that they continue to pay.

How does Tiered Loyalty Upgrades work?

It allows the Upgrade.Chat to automatically add an additional role to a user after they have been a consistent subscriber to the first role for X billing cycles. This promotes loyalty and adds additional roles the longer they keep paying your server for the first role.

Make sure you enter the roles in the order that you want the roles to be given. THE FIRST ROLE IS THE ROLE GIVEN AS SOON AS THEY PURCHASE.

How do you set up Loyalty / Tiered Upgrades?

You set up a new (or existing) Upgrade for sale and add as many roles that you want to add to it. In the advanced section of the role setup, you can select after how many billing cycles you want each role to be applied. In the above screenshot, this means that the user will get the first role after purchase and the next role after 6 billing cycles.

LOYALTY ROLES ARE NOT RETROACTIVE! This will only apply for users who purchase the role AFTER the loyalty tiers have been setup.

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