Coupons / Promotions

How to make coupons and discounts with Upgrade.Chat. Explore the full range of flexibility with our coupons functions.

Creating Coupons in Upgrade.Chat

This is your coupon code. This can be any number or letters you want. It uses the US-QWERTY Letters and numbers only. No other Unicode characters at this time.

COUPONS ARE CASE SENSITIVE! Customers must enter the coupon EXACTLY as they are.

Coupons are global & apply for EVERY role and product. There is no way to set coupons for individual roles or items. They are for your entire server. This cannot be changed.

Coupons can only be used when purchasing the upgrade. After the purchase is made, they would need to make a new purchase to use a coupon on an upgrade.

100% OFF COUPONS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED. Please use free trial features if you want to give people access without paying. This can cause issues with your payment account if too many 100% discounts are issued.

COUPONS THAT ARE ONCE are only good for a one time use or one billing cycle. FOREVER COUPONS WILL NOT WORK ON ONE TIME PURCHASES.

Can I track how many coupons were used?

Yes. You can simply set a limit on the coupon redemption amounts (such as 100) and when a coupon is used, it will show the remaining amount available. If 10 coupons are used, it will show that only 90 are remaining.

If you create a coupon with a set number of uses, and all of that particular coupon gets used up, you will need to delete that coupon before you can use that same coupon name.

Can coupons be applied after the subscription is active?

No. Coupons can only be used when creating a subscription and during checkout. You can manually apply discounts to the subscription in Stripe, but this is not something the customer can do.

How to use Coupons in URLs

You can copy the URL link in the dashboard or create your own URL for your store:

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