Helpful info about using PayPal with Upgrade.Chat. Please read all of these or search the FAQs before opening a support ticket.

Can I switch PayPal accounts? Transfer Owners? What happens?

Subscriptions will remain active and once you connect your new PayPal account, all the funds will be credited to that new account. ALL Subscriptions that renew while you DON'T have an account connected will be cancelled.

How do I change my business name on PayPal?

You can change your business info here:

Why does a PayPal charge show "On Hold"?

Upgrade.Chat does not have anything to do with how PayPal processes payments. Please contact PayPal about your transactions and see here:

How do I look up a user who paid with PayPal?

Click on the name in your PayPal dashboard and it will show you the user's info.

I can't find someone in the PayPal transaction dashboard?

If you have a trial, you must search future dates in advance to find their trial and purchase record. This is because their info will be recorded for the time period that the trial expires.

100% Coupon Doesn't Work?

The minimum amount that can be processed is $1. If you want to give free access, consider using the free trial feature.

Why am I required to add a shipping label?

This is because PayPal thinks you are selling physical items, you would need to contact PayPal to have this removed as this has nothing to do with Upgrade.Chat.

When does PayPal transactions / subscriptions start? (Trials End)

PayPal processes at 7am Eastern every morning. PayPal operates in UTC. Transactions or Trials that end on one day in your timezone will not be processed until between 7am - 12pm EST.

Payment fails when testing. What is wrong?

  • You cannot pay yourself from the same paypal account.

  • Your PayPal account is not fully verified.

  • Please reference the PayPal Error Codes:

pageError Codes

Account Access Limited / You can no longer use PayPal.

Unfortunately, this is something you need to contact PayPal about:

We are not able to assist as this has to do with your account and not Upgrade.Chat. Please contact PayPal.

Viewing PayPal transactions

View transactions in your transaction tab here before checking PayPal

You must check here first for your PayPal transactions then your account.

Transactions may show in your PayPal account as one time but if you have it setup in the Upgrade.Chat control panel as recurring, it will bill accordingly.

DRAFT status is only for unpaid invoices. ACTIVE is the status of invoices that are unpaid but have a trial associated with them. You can search into future dates to see people on trial.

To view free trials that have not been billed yet, filter by dates in the future to see your free trials.

Your PayPal account may not reflect all the data stored by Upgrade.Chat. Please make sure to check your transaction tab and details first. Click Here to Open PayPal Transactions.

Where can I find my transaction reports and data?

How can I find my PayPal merchant ID?

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