Payment Processors

Information about your PayPal and Stripe accounts linked to Upgrade.Chat. Please connect both and read these docs for setup.

Upgrade.Chat has nothing to do with your payment accounts nor does Upgrade.Chat control anything in relation to your PayPal or Stripe account. For any assistance in regards to your bank accounts, payments, payouts, taxes, etc, you MUST contact: PayPal:



You Can Connect Your Payment Processor Account to ANY Number of Chatrooms That You Own on any Platform. You can use PayPal Business or Personal in some countries.

Payments to your bank account are determined by your account with the Payment Processor. Upgrade.Chat does not have anything to do with your payments, money movement or payment status between your customers and your account.

All Payment Related Questions MUST be addressed with your Payment Processor.

The Safer Option is to simply HIDE the payment method so people don't see it as an option on your checkout.


  • If NO ACCOUNT is connected when ANY subscriptions are due for renewal, those subscriptions will be cancelled and CANNOT be reinstated. The customer will need to sign up / purchase again to gain access and will LOSE grandfathered pricing.

  • As long as ANY PayPal account is connected, all the subscriptions for that Upgrade.Chat account will be paid to the currently connected PayPal account.

  • When NO account is connected, customers can STILL cancel their subscriptions and manage their subscriptions FROM THEIR PAYPAL DASHBOARD (NOT UPGRADE.CHAT)

  • Connect a PayPal account as soon as possible to prevent disruption in service.


  • Subscriptions WILL continue to collect on that account.

  • Customers will NOT be able to manage or cancel their subscriptions through Upgrade.Chat and you WILL need to do it MANUALLY for them.

  • No NEW transactions will be able to be processed on that stripe account

  • Subscriptions will NOT cancel automatically and you will need to do it MANUALLY.

  • The merchant Upgrade.Chat Dashboard will not be able to make changes or cancellations to any customer from the OLD stripe account if it's not connected.

  • Reconnect the stripe account as soon as possible to prevent disruption in service.

BOTH UNLINKED: Your store checkout will NOT show up, even if you have upgrades (since there is no way for customers to pay you).

Subscriptions created with Upgrade.Chat will continue to process with approproate fees for as long as the subscription is active, regardless if a payment method connected or not. To remove the Upgrade.Chat fees, cancel the subscription.

When do I get paid?

Money is deposited into your PayPal / Stripe account as soon as the customer pays.

Getting the money from PayPal/Venmo/Stripe into your bank account is dependant on YOUR OWN SETTINGS FOR YOUR ACCOUNT. Upgrade.Chat has nothing to do with your payment account settings. There may be a hold on your payment account for any number of reasons. Please contact your payment provider to discuss your account and why you have not recieved the funds.

Contact PayPal: Contact Stripe:

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