Upgrade.Chat PRO

Extra features for business owners who need more than basic features.

PRO Features

✔️ Remove Upgrade.Chat Logo & "Powered by" on Checkout
✔️ White-label your checkout page to remove the Upgrade.Chat logo from the top left corner.
✔️ Redirect customers to any URL you want after they purchase!
✔️ Upload cover photos to your checkout page and create a banner that showcases your checkout style.
✔️ Remove Upgrade.Chat Support Server Redirect after Checkout
✔️ Upload a unique icon for your checkout center view and add your custom website URL to your checkout page.
✔️ Track conversions using Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics
✔️ Optimize SEO by enabling server specific Open Graph settings and custom URL embeds when you share your checkout link
✔️ Access to Merchant Organizations which allows you to have multiple accounts send all the money they make to the parent account. This allows you to group and consolidate funds.
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